Working from lists…

I work from lists.  I always have.  I get the trait from my mother who is no longer alive.  I remember her lists.  I would find them everywhere in the house growing up.  Grocery lists…daily to do lists…lists for us to do chores that day and lists she wanted to accomplish.   She died from breast cancer well before she could complete all her lists.  I too have lists everywhere.  I make a daily list as soon as a wake up…matter of fact the first item is “GU” for “Get Up”.  That’s always a good one to mark off the list.  I have daily lists of accomplishments, monthly lists and even 6 months list.  I have lists of books I want to read, recipes I want to try and movies I want to watch.  I write and rewrite my lists. I love the feeling of marking something off my list…what a sense of accomplishment!   Sometimes I wonder if I am a bit too organized in my list writing and rewriting but it does keep me organized and makes me feel a bit closer to Mom.

And then the rain fell….

I love to hang laundry.  I spent so many years in places without laundry lines, with places that banned their ugly existence or just too busy to take the time to hang them up or take them down due to the loads and loads of children’s clothes I had to do.  But now I crave the feeling…I crave the smell…I enjoy the luxury of having the time to put them out in the open and have the warm breeze dry them.   So today when I put them up and a sudden storm came up and spoiled my fresh load….I could only smile and enjoy the rain as it was also much needed around here.   I knew I would have time to take them down and hang them again tomorrow.  The clothes pins weren’t going anywhere and I had plenty of clothes to last to enjoy the laugh of the rain.

Washing Day


New world of blogging….

This world of blogging is all new to me.   I’m excited and nervous and eager all rolled up in one.

I think of all the greats of the past…John Steinbeck…Mark Twain…Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman…just to name a few.  How would they have embraced blogging?   Would they have loved it and written even more great works or scorned it and utilized their paper and writing instrument thru their lifetime.    Does the medium make the writer or only assist the writer’s words to flow….?